Free Search Engine Submission

Search engines have become a popular way for webmasters to submit their website to various search engines and directories. Most people submit their website to as many search engines and directories as possible. This is a great way to get visitors from a search engine, but sometimes it can be a bit tedious to manually submit your website to more than 30 search engines.

Add your URL to search Engine and Directory

Instead of visiting many search engines and directories and then submitting your website (one at a time). Use our online tools to prepare your website URL for submission to many search engines and directories. Please note that some search engines require an email for confirmation.

Get backlinks to your website

Backlinks are one of the most important factors for better search engine ranking. It is not easy to get a backlink from other websites, especially if your website is still new. So, if you are aiming for better search engine rankings and fast indexing, it is best to create a relevant backlink to your website. Search engines rank websites with a larger number of quality backlinks better and rank these websites as more relevant and popular than others on their search query results pages.

How can you create a backlink?

The link exchange is one of the ways. A relevant and quality backlink that matches your keyword or niche is better than an inferior backlink. Do not exchange a link with a website that is not related to your website. If your website is about pets, you should do a link exchange with a pet website. If your website is about music, you should exchange a link with a music website. Choose a link exchange that has to do with your niche. With these simple tips, you can boost your website in a search engine. There are many ways to build a backlink.